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About our Soaps

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Mindful of our Environment

It is important to use the right packaging for our Shea Butter soaps. We do not use plastic to wrap our handmade soaps. As much as possible, we use paper, cloth, box, satin, cotton and burlap pouches. Your "delivery" box is often filled with recycled fillers such as peanuts, foam and air bubble/bags to protect your order. Some of our other products are packaged in plastic containers for safety reason. When used in a tub or shower... plastic is safest. Glass is our go-to for our whipped butter and tins for some of our rubs. 


Our Raw Material

We purchase our oils and raw materials from trustworthy suppliers. There is a lot of concern about "palm oil" and we are aware of it. Some of our Shea Butter soaps contain palm oil. Our palm oil supplier is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), an organization that supports sustainable palm oil production. Handmade Shea Butter Soaps

Shea Butter

All Shea Soaps by Lara soaps are made with Shea Butter (Organic Unrefined and/or Refined) to obtain the best quality Shea Butter soaps that you can enjoy!  For this reason, most of our soaps have a rustic look.

Looking Nice!

Camouflage Soap

The packaging?

We use "friendly" packagings for our handmade soaps. Your Shea Butter soaps could be wrapped in cloth, tissue paper, wax paper, or even in a box. We do not use plastic on our soaps. 


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Shea Butter Soaps


All Shea Butter soaps are handmade and vary in looks from one batch to the next. These handmade soaps will look similar to their pictures.  Although the colors will become more subtle as their tint comes from natural ingredients such as herbs, plants and clays.

Helping Small Businesses



We enjoy supporting local entrepreneurs and businesses.

For this reason, the eggs and goat's milk

come from local small farms.

Some of our handmade soaps are made 

with these fresh ingredients. 

When you purchase any of our Shea Butter soaps, know that you are supporting a small business. 

Thank you!

The Bottom Line Handmade Shea Butter Soaps

Committed to Quality

Shea Soaps by Lara is an Artisan Soap business. We make our Shea Butter soaps using the Hot Process Method and allow them to cure several weeks. Our rustic looking handmade soaps are made with Shea Butter (Organic Unrefined and/or Refined.) Our scented soaps contain pure essential oils. No artificial fragrances, Fragrance Oils, Parabens, Synthetic ingredients, nor Sodium Lauryl Sulfate are ever used in any of our handmade Shea Soaps by Lara soaps.

Satisfied with Shea Soaps by Lara

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Shea Soaps by Lara believes that your shopping experience should be a happy one from order to delivery. If you have any question about our handmade soaps or cosmetics and beauty supply product we offer, please get in touch with us!

My Grime Scene Soap

Look and feel great

Your experience with our Shea Butter soaps needs to be awesome. We want our handmade soaps to feel great, look great and clean you without stripping off your skin!  

We carry the best cosmetics and

beauty supply products you can find!


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